Since its inception in January 2010, JAYSCOS offering quality products, backed by extensive research and domain expertise as we consider Research & Development is a backbone of skin care industry.

The first product being Gloss Beauty Cream. The choicest materials and goodness of exclusive natural diamonds soon made Gloss Beauty Cream a must in both Pakistani households as well as beauty salons.

This led to spurring the growth of the company, thereby resulting in development of more products like Gloss face Wash, Gloss Cold Cream, Gloss Hand Wash, Gloss Talcum Powder, Gloss Night Cream, Gloss Whitening Soap and Gloss Moisturising Cream, some of these are available in market and some will be available shortly.

At present the company boasts of powerful market coverage of the entire country and will take place as a third leading brand in Beauty Creams very soon.